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KRH  Khaleed Naseem
KRH Khaleed Naseem Ansata Shukri (Ansata Sokar x Ansata Bint Asjah) x KRH Summer Breeze (Ru Faserr Sharouf x AK Nessima) Straight Egyptian  Al Khamsa Sire Line: Saklawi I through *Imperial Madheen Strain: Kuhaylan Rodan to the Riyala family through *Serenity Sagda 2010 Bay Stallion  AHR# 650963 15.2H Bred by Holly M. Reuter Holly Arabians
Khaleed is our orphan colt all grown up, he is handsome and elegant, with small tightly curved ears, big soft wide set eyes, dished face, large nostrils and deep jowl set on a curving neck set into a well laid back shoulder and high wither.  Khaleed has excellent legs and big round feet, with a smooth topline and flag tail carriage he is the perfect picture of true Desert Arabian Type! Khaleed is a reflection of his performance oriented Straight Egyptian pedigree with lines to Imperial Madheen, Asjah Ibn Faleh, Moniet El Sharaf, *Khofo, *Ansata Ibn Halima, and Fa-Serr.  Raised as an orphan Khaleed is an extra special member of our family.  His foster “Mom” was our German Shepherd Sadie, click here for the story.